Tran Thi Kieu Trang, Monash University

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Trang is a PhD candidate at Business Law and Taxation, Monash School of Business, Monash University. Before that she has been working as a lecturer in Labour Law Department, Hanoi Law University in Vietnam, where she taught Labour Law, Social Security Law. In 2018, she spent 3 months at Goethe University, Frankfurt as a fellow researcher. She has experience in researching on labour disputes settlement mechanisms, workers representative organizations, collective bargaining, collective action, rights of female workers. She also has published several working papers on the rights of people with disabilities, social security and human rights.

Trang’s publications:
1. Dispute resolution in Vietnam – A rapid dianogsis” – ILO working paper New Industrial Relation Framework project (Co-authored with professor Sean Cooney), Hanoi, 2019.
2. “Collective actions in the platform economy – The case of Grab drivers in Vietnam”- XIV Global Labour University Conference, Berlin,2019.
3. “The Labour Rights of Women in Vietnam”, Japan Labor Issues Vol.3, No.19, November 2019.
4. Report on “Legal framework review of the social security in Vietnam”, paid consultancy (with ILO Vietnam), 2019.
5. Survey on“The application of core labour standards and on working conditions in countries covered by commitments in GSP+ and in Free Trade and Investment Agreements”in Vietnam, paid consultancy (with Ergon Associates/EU), 2018 – 2019.
6. “International Law and some Domestic Laws on Social Security for the Elderly – Experiences for Vietnam”/ Social Security Legislation for Elderly in Vietnam – Facts and Commentaries, Research by Labour Law Department, Hanoi Law University, 2018.
7. Book chapter: “Handling violations and settling labour disputes concerning domestic workers”, Tran Thi Kieu Trang / Book: “Laws on Domestic Workers in Vietnam”, Justice Publication (Dr. Do Thi Dung – Editor – in – chief), 2018.
8. “On the precipice: Prospect for Free Labour Unions in Vietnam”, San Diego International Law Journal, (co-authored with Prof. Richard Bales – Northern Ohio University), Vol 19, 2017.
9. “Some Recommendations Regarding Wage Policies in the Labour Code 2012”, Labour Laws Reform Conference, Hanoi Law University, 2017.
10. “Violation – Handling Policy and Labour Disputes Settlement Mechanism in the Field of Domestic Labour”/ Current Status of Vietnam’s Labour Law on Domestic Workers and its Prospect for Amendment, Research by Labour Law Department, Hanoi Law University, 2017.
11. “Collective Bargaining and Collective Agreement in Vietnam, from Theory to Practice”, JILPT Tokyo Comparative Labour Policy Seminar/ Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training, Tokyo, 2017.
12. Book:“Comentaries on Major Contents of Law on Social Insurance”, Justice Publication (co-authored with Dr. Nguyen Hien Phuong, et al.) , 2016.
13. “Compensation in Employment Relation”/ ”Comparative laws in the Field of Tort in United Kingdom, German and Russia’s Legislation”, Comparative Law Center/ Hanoi Law University, 2016.
14. “Social Security Laws of Vietnam in the Comparison with Social Security Policies of ASEAN”/ “Legislation and Policies of Asean on Labour and Social Issues – The Compatibility of Vietnam’s Laws”, ASEAN Law Center/ Hanoi Law University, 2016.
15. “Assessment on the Compatibility of Vietnamese Laws and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disabled Persons) Convention C159 ILO,1983”, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, 2015.

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