Industrial Relations Basics



This two day programme is aimed primarily at supervisors, lower and middle management and those employees who need to acquire basic knowledge and skills on industrial relations within the workplace environment.


 Module One: An Introduction to Industrial Relations on the Shopfloor

  1.  Definition of Industrial Relations
  2. Distinction between Human Relations (unitrist) Approach and Industrial Relations (pluralist) Approach to managing employees.
  3. Sources of Conflict in an Industrialized Environment.
  4. Causes of Conflict in the Workplace.
  5. Collective and Individual Relationships between Labour and Management in the Workplace.
  6. Indicators of Conflict in the Workplace.

Module Two: Industrial Legislation and the Basics of Labour Law

  1. Overview of Vietnamese Labour Legislation and labour relations by-laws
  2. Structures created by the Labour Legislation to deal with Conflict Resolution in the Workplace.
  3. Dispute Settlement Procedures in Practice

Module Three : Worker Participation and Trade Unions

  • What is worker participation?
  • Consultation and Negotiation structures
  • Trade unions, their functions and structures
  • The role of shop stewards and their duties
  • Manager/shop steward interaction

Module Four : Handling Grievances through the Grievance Procedure

  • The grievance procedure
  • How to handle grievances
  • Skills for improving supervisor – employee relations

Module Five : Dealing with Discipline

  • What is discipline?
  • Legal provisions on disciplinary measures and procedures
  • Discipline handling skills

Module Six: The Essentials of Communication within an Organisational Environment.

  1.  What is Communication?
  2. Key Elements of Communication.
  3. Forms of In-House Communication and the Cycle of Communication within a Company
  4. Barriers and Bridges to Communication.


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