Strikes in Vietnam

Table of contents


Chapter 1: Review of Vietnamese and English literature on Strikes in Vietnam 

Chapter 2: How strikes happened? (CIRD)

Four case studies of strikes         

Findings from the case studies

Chapter 3: The Internal Determinants of Strikes

Economic-Politics of Strikes in 2011: Study of 4 Korean Garment Companies in Binh Duong (Dr. Suhong Chae, Chonbuk University, South Korea)

The relationship between worker communities and workers’ strike organisation (Dr. Do Quynh Chi, VietLabour Research Center, Vietnam)

Chapter 4: Survey of the organisation and performance of Strike Taskforces (CIRD)

Chapter 5: Strike in Statistics

Strike data collection and statistics: Facts and Recommendations (ILO Research Team)

Trends of Strikes 2010-2011 (ILO Research Team)

Factors influencing the frequency of strikes in garment-footwear Korean companies in Vietnam (Jeoung Yoo Kyung)


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