Le Thi Tra My, ESCP Paris

Le Thi Tra My

Political Science is her main background from Bachelor in the Diplomatic Academy for Vietnam, where her internship was done in Institution of South China Sea Studies shaping her high sensitivities over the international affairs and political elements affecting to business later on.

My’s master’s degree was an MBA and after studying time in France, she worked as a research assistant for the International Labour Organization in Vietnam. After more than 3 years working in the ILO and various internal papers, mostly studying particular industries or policies of the State and other partners, she looked for chances to sharpening my knowledge and research skills by obtaining a doctoral programme in ESCP.

From theorical standpoint, her research projects are on using the theoretical framework of neo-institutionalism in organization studies to answer questions of social issues in supply chain managements and on importing the insightful perspective of labour relations into current trend of theory in supply chain management. Regarding managerial aspect, she’s looking at the questions on how to genuinely translate CSR/sustainable development into operational management. This motivates her to join a Micro Master Programme of MIT on supply chain management to fundamentally understand operation in supply chains and how CSR should reflect and embed in the daily life of operation.

My also studied data science via a course of IBM.

My’s recent publication:
TM. Le, V. Carbone, A. Acquier (2020) “It is a trade-off! – Workers’ micro institutional work and CSR decoupling in Vietnam garment factories” (Completed and accepted in RIRL2020 and EGOS2020)

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