IR Skills for Supervisors

supervisor training

This type of training is crucial to ensure harmony at workplace and prevent work conflicts because the supervisors are the first management level that communicate with workers, handle their grievances, motivate (or demotivate) them, and identify the early signs of a conflict/dispute. Major corporations like Unilever, Canon and Samsung have invested in equipping their shopfloor supervisors with labour relations skills to prevent the roots of labour-management conflicts.

VietLabour provides a 2-day training course of supervisors on the following labour relations  skills:

  • Collecting opinions/information
  • Communicating with workers
  • Handling grievances
  • Identifying early signs of conflict and settling disputes
  • Organising small meetings
  • Giving (negative) feedback and assessment
  • Motivating employees
  • Individual and collective negotiation.

Before the training course, the lecturer will assess participants’ labour relations skills to flexibly adjust the content as appropriate. Besides training, the lecturer will provide direct coaching and consulting for supervisors.

VietLabour offers video samples for supervisors to take labour relations skills properly.

The training fee is  based on negotiation between the enterprises and the lecturer.

For registration, please contact:

Dr. Do Quynh Chi, Industrial relations Specialist


Tel.: (04)62919829


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