Upcoming Training Course:

dialogue grievance

Time and Venue:

Ho Chi Minh city: 10 May 2014

At: Liberty 4 Hotel, 265 Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Participants: the course best fits HR staff and managers, supervisors and shopfloor  managers, part-time unionists and other managerial positions.

Training methodology: each module is a combination of short lectures, case studies, videos, role-play, and group discussion. The trainers will coach each trainee in evaluating their companies’ communication system and design improvements.


Module 1: What we need to know prior to communication?

  • Defining communication; why communication important at workplace?
  • Costs and benefits of communication
  • Provisions on labour-management communication and grassroot democracy in the Labour code
  • Vietnamese worker psychology and habits in communication at workplace

Module 2: Main components of an in-house communication system

  • Classification of information
  • Forms of communication: Direct and indirect communication
  • Grievance-handling
  • Conflict management

Module 3: Operation process of the communication system- important skills  

  • Direct communication organizing skill
  • Feedback and grievance handling skill
  • Conflicts resolving skill
  • Bargaining with individual workers or labour group skill

Module 4: Communication models for different types of enterprises

  • Labour intensive enterprise, large scale
  • Medium and small enterprises, using skilled worker
  • FDI enterprises versus Vietnamese enterprises

Module 5: Develop and improve the communication system of your company 

The trainers assist the participants in:

  • Assessing the companies’ current communication system
  • Suggesting ways to improve the communication system
  • Coaching for individual companies during their development of the communication system at the companies’ request

Course fee : 2 million dong/participant (including buffet lunch at the Hotel)

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