Against the Storm: The Vietnam Garment and Footwear Industry in the 2021 Covid-19 Outbreak

In an effort to capture the impacts of the 4th wave of...

24th Mar

Nhận diện Quan hệ lao động trong thời kỳ 4.0: Vấn đề đặt ra cho việc nâng cao vị thế và bảo vệ NLĐ

Với mục tiêu tìm kiếm diện mạo của hệ thống Quan hệ...

06th Dec

Access to Global Social Rights of Women Migrant Electronics Workers in Vietnam

As any labour researcher in the world, we treasure every opportunity to...

19th Oct

HRM Master Class for Mid-term Researchers and HR Practitioners

The HRM Master Class continues the string of training activities organised by...

20th Apr

Anker Living Wage Benchmarks for Urban and Rural Vietnam

Download the benchmarks by clicking the links below: HoChi Minh CIty Infographic...

03rd May

FairWear Foundation Vietnam Country Study 2015

ERC developed the FWF Vietnam Country Study 2015 in follow-up with the first edition in 2012. The Study focuses on labour standards in the garment industry of Vietnam.

26th Nov

Unilever and the Responsible Sourcing Policy

Poor working condition, low wages, long working hours, high turnover rate and...

20th Nov

Adequate minimum wage: Conclusion to the prolonged battle in the US

The extended labour movement in the United States that petitioned for a...

11th Nov

Vietnam’s supporting industry and the story of the screw

During a business trip, I had the chance to meet with the executives of Vietnamese precision engineering companies. I teased “Is it true that Vietnam is unable to produce proper screws?”

28th Oct

Intervention at USAID Consultation on the Role of Private Sector and Civil Society in Inclusive Growth

Ladies and Gentlemen, First of all, I’d like to thank the USAID...

10th Sep